Will dentistry adopt Botox in a big way

When you hear about Botox, the image that pops up is how it is used to keep one’s appearance youthful. And this image is not without a substance as Botox is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 7.5 million Botox injections were administered in 2018.

The latest news is that dentists are jumping at the Botox bandwagon. Its use in dentistry is now becoming popular. For Botox, dentistry is a new horizon with immense possibilities.

Botox is a toxin used as a medicine

The U.S. National Library of Medicine classifies Botox as a medicine produced by a toxin that comes from bacterium-Clostridium botulinum. This toxin is often blamed for botulism, a kind of food-poisoning ailment. However, the FDA has approved the use of this toxin in the form of injectable paralytics for cosmetic enhancements, among other things. Botox is now used in medicine-type dosages in the treatment of many health conditions such as migraine, excessive blinking, sweating, and overactive bladder. This toxin blocks the nerve signals responsible for muscle movement. This prevents the muscles from contracting and they become softer in the areas where the injection was administered. The results start to show after a couple of hours and stay for about three to four months.

Can Botox be used in dentistry

For most people, Botox is used as a cosmetic procedure for reducing wrinkles on the face. The FDA, too, has approved its use for such usage. However, the application of Botox is expanding because of its ability to block the nerve signals. Dentists are now finding it useful for their purpose and don’t be surprised if you find your dentist ready with a Botox shot for you next time you visit him. Dentists are using it for both cosmetic procedures as well as dentistry.

Dentists are using Botox for the following procedures:

● Treatment of Joint Disorder (Temporal Mandibular)
● Treatment of teeth grinding (bruxism)
● Treatment of gummy smile
● Lips’ adjustment

Can Botox become a dentist’s favorite?

Dentists are primarily concerned with oral health and dental care. So there is little possibility that they will ever use Botox primarily for cosmetic procedures. But dentists have adequate knowledge and training of facial and oral anatomy, their health and functioning, they are in a better position to give Botox injections than any other cosmetic surgeon.

Because dentists administer injections in facial and dental regions more often than any other medical practitioner, many industry experts believe that they are the right people to use Botox. They have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that the injection is less painful and quick.
Though the use of Botox by dentists is courting controversy, it seems its applications are set to grow both for medical and cosmetic purposes.

The American Academy of Facial Aesthetics says that currently, 11% dentists have necessary training to give Botox injections while many more are turning up for the training. No wonder, the American Dental Association has started offering Botox training to dentists enrolled as its members.

Will Botox become to dentistry what it is to cosmetic procedures? There is an increasing trend of dentists using Botox for both dental care as well as cosmetic procedures. The trend seems set to grow as more states seem favorably disposed to support the use of Botox by dentists.

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