General Dentistry Services Trinity FL


Our goal is to provide high-quality dental care that you will love for many years to come! General dentistry focuses on providing an array of dental services to protect and preserve your teeth. This is a great way for individuals to maintain your oral health to reduce your chances for bacteria and disease.

Dental Cleanings Trinity FL

Dental cleanings are a great way to prevent plaque buildup and bacteria causing early gum disease and tooth decay. Your hygienist will use a scaling instrument to gently remove plaque on your teeth and along the gum line.

Afterward, your teeth will be brushed and polished with a high-powered tooth brush and toothpaste. The toothpaste has a gritty consistency to remove any remaining particles. We will administer professional flossing in hard-to-reach places.

Fillings Trinity FL

Fillings are a great way to preserve a tooth after a cavity has already developed. Patients can choose to opt for silver amalgam fillings or tooth-colored fillings to match the color of their natural teeth. Tooth-colored fillings go visually unnoticeable and typically made of porcelain material.Silver amalgam fillings are known for their long-lasting durability to prevent a cavity from damaging your tooth for years to come!

Root Canal Therapy Trinity FL

Root canal therapy is needed if you have an infected pulp in your tooth. The pulp is located in the center of the tooth and is composed of nerves, blood vessels, and tissue. When this area becomes infected, you may experience sharp pain on the side of your face.

We remove the pulp and cleanse the canal in its entirety. A rubber-like substance called gutta percha, fills and seals the canal.

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