Porcelain Crowns and Fixed Bridges Trinity FL


Did you know that a beautiful smile can do wonders for yourself-esteem? We provide you with porcelain crowns and fixed bridges to achieve the smile of your dreams. At Douglas Dentistry, we make every effort to serve you with gentle care and comfort.

What are Crowns and Bridges?

Porcelain crowns are “caps” that are placed on top of a damaged tooth. It preserves your natural tooth and its root to boast an aesthetically pleasing smile. Fixed bridges are also made of porcelain material but fills in the gaps between multiple missing teeth.


There is a multitude of benefits associated with porcelain crowns and bridges such as:

  • Protects your natural tooth
  • Visually beautiful smile
  • Durable
  • Restored bite pressure (fixed bridges only)

What to Expect

Porcelain crowns are used to enhance the appearance of your smile from a damaged tooth. Your mouth will be examined and molded to create your custom-fitted crowns. In particular, your crown is sculpted in order to adjust for accurate bite and jaw movements.

Dental bridges replace multiple missing teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. A crown for your damaged tooth will be placed on top of a damaged tooth with two connecting false teeth. You will have both a replacement for missing teeth and protection for a beautiful smile!

Do You Need Porcelain Crowns and Fixed Bridges in Trinity?

Our goal is to provide you with the best dental care possible. It is important that you have a smile you can proudly show off and feel confident about. Contact us today to get started!   We are your porcelain crown and fixed bridges service provider in Trinity.


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