TMJ/TMD Treatment in Trinity FL


Do you find yourself with jaw pain?  If so, you may have Temporomandibular Disorder (TMJ/TMD). Millions of people suffer from TMJ and don’t even know it.We are dedicated to alleviating your jaw pain, so you can live your best life!  

What is TMJ/TMD?

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect your lower jawbone to your skull. We use these joints every day for speaking, chewing, swallowing, and yawning. As a result, you may experience pain around these joints along with restricted movement.

Do I Have TMJ/TMD?

You may have TMJ/TMD if you are experiencing any of the following. If so, visit our office as soon as possible:

  • Jaw pain
  • Pain, ringing, or stuffiness in the ears
  • Frequent headaches or neck aches
  • Clicking or popping sounds when the jaw moves
  • Swelling on the sides of the face
  • Muscle spasms in the jaw area
  • A change in the alignment of top and bottom teeth
  • Locked jaw or limited opening of the mouth

Are You Looking for TMJ/TMD Treatment in Trinity?

At Douglas Dentistry, we are proud to provide high-quality dental care to alleviate your TMJ/TMD. Our goal is to ensure your safety and comfort throughout each appointment.  Contact us today to learn more!  We are your TMJ/TMD treatment center in Trinity.


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