The Smile Diet

Smile diet is a concept you’ve probably never heard before. It’s an idea of eating and drinking healthy in exchange for a healthier mouth. Too much sugar can damage your teeth and eventually leave your mouth damaged. This is supported by 88% of the population who knew that eating healthy is a good way to start having a healthy mouth. However, only a few people are applying this concept to their lives. That’s bad news. Now, if you are looking for a way on how to effectively achieve the smile diet everyone is talking about, follow these simple tips.

Avoid eating unhealthy food

As much as you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, your smile diet can only be attained if you will say no to unhealthy snacks, including sweets and sugar. 70% of the population know that snacking has a huge impact on mouth health. We know its inevitable but you can still change the way you snack. Instead of choosing too sweet and unhealthy chips, switch to fruits and veggies. Yes, you can still eat those citrus and leaves as snacks. You just have to be more creative when making them so you won’t get distracted by the sweets around you.

Drink water and milk

A smile diet is hard to do if you are not into drinking water and milk. Acids are everywhere. It’s on the juices we normally drink. It’s on the carbonated drink we usually order at restaurants. It’s also the main reason why tooth decays are spreading. To achieve your healthier smile, say no even to colored and soft drinks. Instead, replace them with water and milk. Milk has calcium that can strengthen the enamel of your teeth while water is the best liquid you will find that won’t affect your mouth even if you drink it all your life. A big part of your smile diet involves getting a dental professional to assess your teeth. Contact your local dentist for your next appointment.