Pull Your Tooth or Save It Which is Best

If your tooth is diseased or infected, tooth extraction may seem like the easiest solution, especially if a tooth hurts. But don’t rush, even though extracting seems like the easiest choice, it doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. It is up to you what you will do, but it is necessary to get acquainted with all the facts before tooth extraction.

Save Or Extract The Tooth: Why It’s Good To Save Your Tooth

The experts answered the question about the benefits of saving natural teeth.

-The main advantage of natural teeth is that they are much stronger than artificial teeth, they function better, and the care itself is easier. Although modern material and technology are extremely advanced, artificial teeth are still not as strong as natural teeth.

-Once you have a tooth extracted, you will have a hole in your smile, while that hole will allow other teeth to shift. Over time, this shift can lead to many consequences, such as chewing and biting problems, which will affect your overall quality of life.

-Tooth extraction also pulls the jaw roots. The hole in the bone can cause the surrounding bone to collapse, making some people look older than they are.

-If the tooth you are extracting is visible while smiling, this can greatly affect your confidence. You don’t want to lose your beautiful smile because of this kind of thing.

-One of the bigger misconceptions is that extraction hurts less. A large number of patients after tooth extraction report that they have been in pain for several days after the procedure is done.

-If you have a tooth extracted, a more frequent visit to the dentist will be necessary. The dentist will consider a crown, bridge, and possibly an implant to prevent the tooth from shifting. All this means more expenses, more visits to the dentist, and more pain probably.

-It is considered as a cheaper option. Although you may think that tooth extraction is cheaper than a repair, replacing your teeth itself will cost you a lot more money and time. And unless you replace the tooth, you will have physical and emotional problems.

We can find a mountain of reasons why it is good to preserve natural teeth for as long as possible. However, a lot of pain and infection can make you pull your tooth without first consider facts about it. Tooth root canal infection, tooth disease, and infected pulp in the inside are not the reasons why you need to extract your natural teeth. Once the inside of your tooth is cleaned, it is filled with materials that will strengthen it and make it function like all your other teeth. This way, not only you keep your natural tooth, but root canal cleaning also prevents pain in the future, and recovery time is extremely short. The dentist’s advice is clear- give your best to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. It’s important for your overall health conditions in the long term.

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