Phasing Out Our Addiction to Sugar

Would you like sugar in your tea?

As revealed in the latest statistics, one person out of three loves to have sugar in tea, which is approximately 37 percent.

Once we learned about the number of individuals who add sugar to their tea, the next step was to find out the quantity of sugar they add, and the figures we received were quite disgusting. Our research found out that nearly a third of Brits, which is approximately 32 percent adds one-two teaspoons of sugar in their drinks (coffee and tea). We also found out that at least one person in a group of 20 persons adds 3-4 tablespoons of sugar, which is more worrying.

One tablespoon of sugar in your cup of tea may seem little, but it keeps adding up every time you take a cup of tea. One tablespoon of sugar is equivalent to 4 grams. It only requires four cups of tea daily to surpass half the recommended daily intake (which is 30 grams).

The rate of sugar consumption in the United States is high. According to the recent studies about the consumption of sugary food, the United States ranks ahead of the UK in sugar consumption. Sugar is tempting, and you can end up consuming more than you had planned. Excessive use of sugar is not good for oral health as well as overall body health.

Apart from tooth decay, sugar is linked to other severe conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. On average, at least 169 people lose parts of their body due to diabetes, 680 cases of stroke, and 530 cases of heart attack are reported at the end of every week. Tooth decay caused by the consumption of excessive sugars is the leading cause of the thousands of teeth being extracted in dental clinics.

You opt to take sugarless tea or coffee if you are looking forward to slashing your sugar consumption. A substantial decline in sugar consumption can impact positively on your quality of life.

If you can’t do without the sweet taste sugar offers, then think of xylitol or stevia, which are natural sweeteners. They will give you the taste you need without ruining your oral health. If you can cope without sugar, this would be best for you since sugarless tea or coffee is usually the best.

Visiting a dentist frequently for a dental checkup is necessary to ensure your teeth are in a good state. A dentist is the best professional to advise you on what to take to prevent oral health concerns. Don’t hesitate to call one today.