6 Common Teeth Problems That Can be Fixed By Invisalign

Invisalign has been commonly used in straightening teeth for as far as the 1990s. However, for many people, Invisalign is used to align and straighten teeth only. However, they can be used to fix more teeth problems. The following are six common teeth problems that can be fixed by fitting Invisalign.

  1. Overbite
    Overbite is a teeth problem that occurs when the upper front teeth are bigger than the lower front teeth, and they overlap them. When the upper front teeth are too large, some dentists may refer them as a deep bite or an overjet. When overbite isn’t fixed, it can trigger gum problems, cause the lower teeth to wear, and cause pain your jaws. That is why they should be fixed as soon as possible before they become problematic. If you are suffering from this problem, Invisalign can help you to fix it. A visit to an Invisalign dentist will get you sorted.
  2. Underbite
    This is the opposite of the overbite, which is a situation where your lower front teeth are large and overlaps your upper front teeth when you close your mouth. The problem can trigger joint and jaw pain, tooth wear and interfere with your speaking and chewing capability. However, a visit to an Invisalign dentist will resolve an underbite and help you enjoy a quality life.
  3. Crossbite
    A crossbite is a problem that occurs when some of your upper teeth rest inside your lower teeth instead of on the outside. This makes you uncomfortable and can lead to bone loss and gum issues. Your teeth can wear and chip, which can be painful. That is why you should fix the problem as soon as possible before it develops into something worse. An Invisalign dentist can help you to fix crossbite.
  4. Gap Teeth
    Gap teeth is a problem that entails having abnormal gaps between your teeth. These gaps can trap food and other particles which can decay and affect your teeth. Furthermore, decaying food particles will cause a bad odor, which can affect your socialization. Your gums may also become sore or develop other gum diseases. If you are suffering from this problem, you should visit an Invisalign dentist to get a solution.
  5. Open Bite
    If your upper and lower teeth don’t make contact when you close your mouth, you are suffering from an open bite. This problem can affect your chewing and biting capability; hence, affect your eating habit. Fitting Invisalign can help you to fix this problem and enjoy normal eating habits.
  6. Crowded Teeth
    Crowded teeth is a problem that occurs when you have a jaw without enough space to accommodate your teeth. When you have crowded teeth, brushing and flossing will become problematic. You will not clear all food particles in between your teeth, which will expose you to bacteria growth, gum disease, and tooth disintegration. You should not wait until you develop problems before you seek assistance. Visit an Invisalign dentist to help you fix your problem of crowded teeth.

Invisalign can be used to fix more teeth problems than straightening them only, as many people know. Visit a professional dentist today to undergo Invisalign treatment and fix any of the above teeth problems that you may be suffering from. Douglas Dentistry is the one to call. We are waiting to hear from you.